Chippa Constructions


Chippa Constructions prides itself regarding O.H.S in there workplace and is striving to improve, implement and extend its training and developement to its team of workers.

At Chippa Constructions we place high significant importance on Occupational Health and safety (OH&S) in the workplace and is proactive in its trianing and development to improve our performance and maintain our duty of care to all our team and fellow workers.

Chippa Constructions is commited to:

  • Compliance with OH&S laws and industry codes of practice.
  • Continual improvement aimed at elimentating work related injuries and illness.
  • Providing sufficient resources for effective training and safety programs with all of our
    teams members minimumcertified 4 in OH&S.
  • Regular team meetings to keep OH&S conversations active and responsive in our culture.
  • A stringent alcohol and drug policy for the safety of everyone.
  • Developing safe construction methods and systems.
  • Identifying assessing and treating all OH&S risks in our workplace.